Model F3500 C-AP

It is particularly suitable for the big plants located in the desert, where the configuration of the soil constantly varies as a result of wind and sand.The dozer blade makes the machine able to work on any ground, leveling the soil and removing any hollow on it.It can mount brushes up to 6 meters, granting a great efficiency.

The panels cleaning machines is equipped with an air-conditioned cockpit that makes it comfortable to use,the lights placed on the front, on the rear and on the boom, permit its use during the nighttime.It is installed on a undercarriage with crawlers made of rubber or steel, depending on the customer’s needs, it is driven by a Perkins turbo liquid-cooled engine(44.7 KW)The hydraulic system is composed of gear pumps, proportional distributor, heat exchanger built into the engine’s radiator.


The fuel tank capacity of 90 liters grants an autonomy of 20 working hours, while the water thank, with its 2580 liters capacity, grants an autonomy of 4 hours .The 24-Volt electrical system is equipped with an electronic control unit that runs the various functions of the panels cleaning machine, it’s also possible to ingreate custom programming based on the customer’s needs.

During the cleaning process the automatic mode is managed via sensors placed on the brush body, wich, acting directly on the machine’s controls, guarantee a constant distance of the brush from the panels, preventing any risk of damaging them.

The water system is composed of a primary pump, a water softener system that purifies the water from limestone or other particles and a water boiler, wich heats the water to avoid any risk of thermal shock on the panels as well as ensuring a more thorough cleaning, an auxiliary pump for the use of a multi-jet high pressure system (30-40 bar )

The brush body is made of a light alloy and is interchangeable; the panels cleaning machine can be equipped with brush bodies of different lengths depending on the customer needs.

They are equipped with a water collector that conveys, via solenoid valves, the water in one or other branch, depending on the rotation of the brush and the driving direction of the machine.When the machine operates with the high pressure cleaning system, the body brush is replaced by a multi-jet collector supplied on request.