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(description of our system / cleaning benefits )

Photovoltaic panels are exposed daily to smog, grease, pollen, dust, feces, pollution from road and air transport. Due to various detrimental effects not only the instantaneous energy output of a solarpanel is reduced, as well as related revenues, working life of a solar panel is shortened. In extreme cases, very dirty solar panel may lose up to 25% of its efficiency. On average, the loss due to pollution varies between 5-15%. Our company offers professional cleaning machine for photovoltaic panels. When treating the solar panels with our Machines, we ensure perfectly even clean surface when compared to traditional cleaning methods, as well as increasing the performance for 12 months. All cleaning and care products used by our company are highly environmentally friendly as well as safe for the technical equipment of the photovoltaic power plants. All of our machines, as well as all of the cleaning and care products used, are certified and have a declaration of conformity. 

Our services (why clean matters? / benefits of cleaning)

Professional cleaning machine of photovoltaic panels

Cleaning is carried out by our technology ensuring that the surface of the panels is clean and grease free. Cleaning of the photovoltaic panels is performed by a specially designed self-propelled machine with tank for water with a hydraulic wash arm. Wash arm consists of a nozzle for applying of water and nozzles for rinsing with softened water. The actual cleaning is performed by a rotating brush that ensures perfect cleanse without damaging the photovoltaic panels with has six sensors securing optimal angle and distance between the brush and the panel.

Benefits of machine cleaning

Professional machine cleaning guarantees maximum performance and associated maximum profit, plus ensures extending of working life of the power plant solar system. We offer machine cleaning that is professional, reliable, safe and fast. At the same time we guarantee first-class quality and safety within all our services.

Cleaning is done with new and modern machines with a system of sensors that control distance between the washing head and the solar panels. Our team is professionally trained and our equipment is subject to regular revision and service. Powerful cleaning and application tools and sufficient base allow quick and precise work. Powerful footlights allow work also at night. Under optimal conditions, we are able to clean up to 3MW within 8 hours.

The speed of cleaning,professionalism and high quality work are the greatest benefits in comparison with the traditional manual cleaning.